Oh dear, my head hurts. I forgot what it was to have a hangover. Living in London gives you all the options to go out and enjoy the night, but is so expensive that I usually never do. And let’s be honest, I am not a party person. My idea of a good night is a nice dinner with friends with long conversations involved and some slow drinks. So clubs are not my favourite places to go for some enjoyment…but when I did, I used to smoke like there was no tomorrow.  Specially if I was drinking.

Yesterday I went to a party in a club and I have to say I even felt released of not having to go out constantly for the smoke. Not that I didn’t think of having “the one”, or that I missed the ritual of smoking in a party. But it was not difficult. I think I feel so good, that I am reassuring myself every day more and more.

Basically I just remembered in a flash back that I posted when I arrived home in a deplorable inebriate state. I felt so embarrassed when I read it that I was going to delete it, but you know what? We are all humans, we behave like that sometimes, and I think we have to celebrate goals. Like not smoking when drunk.

It is going to be a while until I decide to drink like that again. Word.


2 thoughts on “Hangover

    1. I know! Not too much of a problem as I am not a big drinker, specially since I live in London and you have to sell your kidneys for a beer…I can still have a drink without thinking so much of a smoke, not that it doesn’t feel like something is missing, but totally doable and enjoyable 🙂


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