The little voice

Sorry guys I had to share this with you, I thought it could help some of you who are quitting even if it sounds very stupid: I just realised that when I have cravings like my brain telling me “I would love to smoke a cigarette right now, it would be lovely and to be honest now that you are not addicted any more it would be just a nice one”…when that happens, SOMEONE INSIDE MY HEAD STARTS SHOUTING! When I realised this I started laughing so hard in my room I couldn’t stop!!!! Basically it has been happening all this time but I didn’t realised how funny this is until now. When my naughty me tells myself I want to smoke, this other me in my head starts shouting: “Are you f*#king crazy??!! after all this effort, all the chats to yourself, all the overcome cravings, all the work your body has done to get rid of all those toxics, you seriously want to start putting that in my again? No way girl, I tell you, there is no way you smoke one more fag, we decided that remember? Think about smoking now, and tell me? Are you sure it would make you feel good? No! Damn it would make you feel bloody filthy, untrustworthy, dirty, unhealthy, weak, smelly, and all that for a cigarette that tastes like hell and you sure won’t enjoy at all!!!!”

Well, at risk of sounding absolutely coocoo, I thought I would share because I want you to feel free to come and borrow my little voice in the head. If you have a craving and hear a sensual voice saying “come on, why not, you can just have one” remember my aggressive, worked up, athletic, extrahealthy little person that shouts in my head, and you can take it for yourself. Put the tone it suits you best, and adjust the volume you like most, and arrange it so it starts automatically every time you have a craving.

You are welcome 😉


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