Happy monthiversary!!!

Tadaaaaaa!! My first month! Look how nice I smell! And my lungs feel so lovely! Not just one, and I feel amazing, specially because I am in control, and because I know now that I can overcome anything I want if I am determined to!

I could be hours telling you about all the advantages that not smoking has, but we all know them, or most of them. I just have found one negative point: I want to make everyone quit. All the smokers around, the people I know, specially the ones I love…I want to tell them constantly how nice it is to be free, how they can do it, give them all sorts of advise…I don’t though, because I know how annoying that is for smokers. I have been one for so many years, and I know how irritating a recent non smoker could be, specially, how bad they could make me feel about not being able to quit.

I had a terrible dream last night: it started being extra nice, as I live away from my friends and family it was beautiful to be again with them in the dream, we were having a dinner all together al fresco in a beautiful summer night. Then all started smoking. Even the ones that have never smoked in real life were smoking in my dream. In this whole month I have never had cravings so intense as they were in my dream. I was so glad to wake up, because I think I would have smoked one in my dream if I hadn’t waken!!! And that made me feel terrible, as if being about to smoke in my dream, was equally disappointing as in real life. Anyway…subconscious things of the brain.

Have you ever had cravings or  smoked in a dream whilst quitting? I found it weird.



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