Love handles

Tomorrow is two months since I quit, and feels like years. I barely remember the taste of the tobacco in my mouth, and yet, still have some cravings for one of those. I keep finding myself  discussing with my own mind why it is not a good idea to have just one. Still not giving in, but no one said it would be easy! Anyway, not so difficult as I expected, I am lucky to go through it without putting too much thought on it. Or maybe lucky is not the word, and I should say I really had it clear in my mind that I wanted to stop smoking.

Now, I found my real Achilles heel: I have put some weight since some months ago. I know it is not due to quitting, because I started putting on weight some months before. Nothing dramatic, but I used to eat all I wanted without  problem, and now for some reason (maybe age?) I have started putting on some weight doing exactly the same. So I decided to behave a little. THIS IS THE REAL IMPOSSIBLE!!!! I so love food. I can’t stay away from all this beautiful dishes, I feel hungry all the time (not hungry but maybe I feel like nibbling a little often) and all this wonderful food is everywhere. Quitting tobacco is nothing compared to trying to lose weight and eat fat free food 😦

I don’t know how to face this, and I am a bit scared to put on more weight, I was very comfortable with my body.

So I have started doing more exercise instead. Hopefully this will help. If I can’t stop eating, I might be able to burn it :p

For now, I will stick to yoga and running as my best mates, as if working 10 hours a day wasn’t enough…well, hey-ho, here starts another challenge! Who said life was boring???!


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